What Does A Holistic Health Coach Even Do

No more eating shitty food. No more binge drinking. No more eating your emotions out. No more reward eating. No more food cravings. No more negative self talk. No more toxic relationships. No more faithless living. 

Hiring a Holistic Health Coach marks a new view on how you see food. Your diet is not only what you consume through the mouth. It's what your brain consumes. It's what you feed your soul.

As your Health Coach I'm giving you the real on how your diet and lifestyle is either benefiting you or killing you. From there we'll create a plan that fits your lifestyle and personal wellness needs. Everyone's health needs are very different.

A plan I wrote for your friend most likely won't be the same plan that will work for you. That's why individualized plans are key in all of my offerings. 

Here at KEY2HEALTH, we offer the following:

  • Custom meal plans
  • Individualized nutrition coaching
  • Custom grocery list
  • In person grocery store tours
  •  Mindfulness practice 
  • Herbalism mastery coaching
  • Ebooks for self paced healing
  • + so much more!

My ultimate goal is to get you to see for yourself how your food, relationships, environment, mental health and soul work is all tied in to your overall well being. You will leave any of my programs with a confidence you didn't have before. 

I help you learn how to integrate these three things (mind, body, soul) in order to live a fulfilled, mindful, healthy life. 
I am here as your motivator, supporter + guide. I can only help you as much as you help yourself and that's the real work: holding yourself accountable. 

Let's get it!

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