Meet Kiana, your Holistic Health Coach + Herbalist.

If you are tired of putting off your health goals, always feeling anxious, always feeling unmotivated, struggling mentally, never losing weight, or just need some help connecting with yourself --  I get it. It's not easy revitalizing your whole life around health and wellness goals that you can't really see the outcome of ASAP.
It is worth it though.Your overall well being is important and I want to help you prioritize yourself starting now. When we prioritize ourselves we start eating better, thinking better, and living better.
Between self paced healing guides, weekly coaching, nutritional planning, herbal tea mastering courses, and mindfulness management -- I cover it all.  
My philosophy is if you change your way of thinking you can change the way you eat, and in turn change your life for the better. 
Holistic health looks at the whole person. What you feed your mind & soul is equally as important as what you feed your body.
I help you learn how to integrate these three things (mind, body, soul) in order to live a fulfilled, mindful, healthy life. 
I look forward to walking with you on your journey to healing.